Microchips, LED light, solar charger, stone, plastic
shelf, thermal printer, 2020
Terram in Aspectu
Inkjet prints, dimensions variable, 2018
The Island
Linen paper, digital print, 2020
Video in two channels, 75 minutes, 2019
Blue Vessel
Mobile app, 2017
Minute Square Walk
Inkjet print, data visualization, (performance
documentation), 2020
Video in two channels, 100 minutes, 2019
The Flood
Video in six channels, eroded metal sheets. Dimensions variable, 2017
Video in three channels. 2:10 minutes, loop. 2016
Files Inventory
Website, printer, 2013
Ten to the power of twenty two
Video, single channel, 5:30 minutes, 2016
Este Oeste
Video, single channel, 5:30 minutes, 2016
Everything and Anything
The Blue Marble
Video, single channel, 173 minutes, 2015
Where X and Y
Video, single channel, 2 minutes, 2014
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