CADAF Art Fair

I will be participating with Lumen Projects of CADAF Digital Art Fair. The fair will open online from June 17th through 23rd. Visit at cadaf.art


To Sometimes Dissapear

On June 4th opens the NARS artist in residency season II show. The exhibition will run through June 23rd at NARS Foundation. 



On April 19 will open the online exhibition FAP-TEK hosted by the CCE Uruguay.


NARS Residency

From April 1st to June. 24th I will be an artist in residence at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, NY. The residency is possible thanks to the kind support of Artis and their Residency Grants program.


Lumen Prize

I'm elated to have won The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology in the category of Still Image with my work Terram in Aspectu. 

Visit. the awarded artworks online exhibition at leonardo.lumenprize.com


National Prize in Visual Arts - Uruguay

The series Terram in Aspectu was selected for the 59th National Prize in Visual Arts in Uruguay. An exhibition of the selected artworks will open on December 10th at the EAC (Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo) in Montevideo, Uruguay. The exhibition run through May 30th 2021.


Deep Fake - Supercollider Gallery

Deep Fake, a show curated by Isabel Beavers and organized by SciArt Initiative, will open on November 15th at Supercollider Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition will run through January 5th, 2021.


El Territorio Representado - Cabildo Museum

On November 20th, the show El Territorio Representado (The Represented Territory) will open at Cabildo Museum in Montevideo, Uruguay. Curated by Brian Mackern, the exhibition will explore political implications in mapmaking, and will display contemporary artworks alongside colonial maps from the museum’s collection.

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