Microchip, LED light, Mac mini, projector, 2018

Adrift is a performance between machines. A performance taking place in the underground channels of the internet infrastructure. A site-specific performance.

A small server is connected to a single LED light and a projector, which creates a digital image, a map. The server sends a signal from the exhibition space to the world, to wander endlessly on the fiber optic cables. Randomly bouncing from server to server, the signal shoots out across the world, waiting for the echo of another server. Each time the small led light blinks, the signal returns to the server and it’s sent back to another quest. Each time the blink is prolonged, another server has responded. With the response, there is a trace in the projected image, a line to and from the location of the other server, to the location of Adrift.

©  Liliana Farber